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Here at Urban Auto Sales we have the lowest prices on used Cars, Trucks, and SUV's. We will promise that after purchasing a car or truck from us you will leave happy with our great auto prices, auto quality, and extended warranties.

Repair Concierge Service

Urban Auto Sales & Repair offers full concierge service alongside any automotive requests from our valued clients. We take the grief and aggravation out of car care - by picking up your vehicle at your home or office, bringing it to our shop, servicing it, and bringing it back to you. Enjoy all the benefits of having your car fixed or maintained at a full service shop with certified technicians on site, without having to bring your car in, arrange rides, drive a rental or loaner, or any of the other aggravation that comes with a trip to the auto mechanic.

We do this as a courtesy for our clients because we believe SERVICE is what we sell first!